cLrS (cOlOrs)cLrS (cOlOrs)Test your memory, train your mind

Test your memory

In cLrS, your task will be to remember the combination of color figures that will appear to you in the board.

Reorganize the pannel

Your goal is to leave the pannel as it was shown in the beginning. Drag each figure to its matching position.

Short-term memory

Your retention capacity and short-term memory are the key to keep going in cLrS. Amaze yourself when proving that, the more you play the more you’re training your brain.


cLrS (cOlOrs), an intelectual game for every Apple iOS, where your goal is to remember each figure’s position and color in a pannel shown at the beginning, and then organize all elements within the same color and shape in their initial position.

A game in which your main goal is to work out your short-term memory, visual retention and train your memory and visual capacities.

All this throughout a fun challenge that will get more and more complicated, and in where sometimes the aleatory plays a big part on the hardship of a game. Today’s impossible level could be an easier one tomorrow thanks to a more accessible memory pattern that could help you cross the level.

Its difficulty curve is balanced in order to create some interesting challenges and to learn new mechanics through the same dynamics, so that the overcoming spirit of each player can be encouraged

More than 100 levels, three different boards, 3 types of shapes, 6 different colors and the challenge of training your mind while you have fun.

cLrS (cOlOrs) is a challenge to test your memory and train your mind.

A game for the mind and entertainment

The best and funniest way to train your capacities
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A game for the mind and entertainment

The best and funniest way to train your capacities

Practice your memory

With cLrS you’ll be constantly training your mind and practicing your visual retention capacities; such a healthy mental exercise and so much fun at the same time. Challenge yourself and be amazed of how you improve every time you play.

Elegant design

cLrS has a simple and elegant design that focuses on playability, no distractions. Based on simple lines, it uses a color palette that’s been deliberately chosen and certified for people with every sort of altered color perception (color-blindess)

No in-app purchases, no traps

Get cLrS for only $0.99. The full game! No ads, no annoying in-app purchases to impede you from advancing. No limited lives or timings. It’s your game to play as much as you want, you won’t have to pay anything else, ever! Forget “apparently free” games that, in the end, are not.

More than 100 levels

More than 100 levels and two challenges to achieve. cLrS has an accesible and balanced difficulty curve that will raise progressive challenges to you. Will you be able to overcome this defiances and prove that you have either eidetic or photographic memory skills?

Game video preview

Preview for iPhone and iPad

Enjoy the official preview video of the game. You’ll be able to get an idea of how the game works in only 30 seconds. cLrS is universal, which means that you’ll get the full game for both your iPhone and iPad at the same time, in only one single purchase! The game looks different in each device owing to their differences in screen size and proportions. You can click here in both of them to see exactly how cLrS will look in your device.

Game gallery

You can also find some images of the game in both devices below.